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2019 British Championship Karting Championship + Calendar

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Below is the provisional calendar for the 2019 British Karting Championships:

ROTAX (Senior Rotax, Senior Rotax Max 177, Junior Rotax, Rotax MiniMax)
30-31 March: PFi
25-26 May: Rowrah
29-30 June: Mansell Raceway
17-18 August: Clay Pigeon
14-15 sept: Forest Edge
12-13 October: Whilton Mill

IAME (Senior IAME X30, Junior IAME X30, Mini X30, IAME Cadet)
12-14 April: PFi
10-12 May: Shenington
7-9 June: Larkhall (subject to track extension)
12-14 July: Rowrah
23-25 August: Wigan
27-29 September: Whilton Mill

TKM INCLUDING HONDA CADET (Senior TKM Extreme, Junior TKM, Honda Cadet Championship*)
27-28 April: PFi
18-19 May: Rissington
22-23 June: Fulbeck
27-28 July: Shenington
7-8 September: Kimbolton
19-20 Oct: Whilton Mill
*Will have its own championship title.

18/19 May – Rissington
22/23 June – Fulbeck
27/28 July – Shenington
7/8 September – Kimbolton

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Entries as on 6th December:


Nearly 450 people have already registered for the 2019 British Kart Championships, following overwhelming demand from the sport.

The titles will be promoted through a new Motorsport UK division called Karting UK Operations. Each event will be based around a dedicated Race Centre and all the action will be live streamed online.

The events will be the first in the UK to use a proven on-track CCTV system; when the Race Director or Clerks report an incident, images will be fed back to Race Control, where they will be analysed by an independent expert and a former competitor.

“The karting community’s response to our plans for the new British Championships has been overwhelming,” said Hugh Chambers, CEO of Motorsport UK. “We see this as an endorsement of our ambitious plans to promote karting all its forms and put it back at the heart of UK motorsport.”

To register for the 2019 British Kart Championships, please click here: http://bit.ly/2Fn6c2V

• Mini Max: 19
• Junior Rotax: 45
• Senior Rotax: 57
• Rotax 177: 34
• Honda Cadet: 58
• Junior TKM: 37
• TKM Extreme: 49
• KZ2: 10
• IAME Cadet: 47
• Mini X30: 18
• Junior X30: 40
• Senior X30: 35
• TOTAL: 449

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