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Found 1 result

  1. Recently there has been a huge increase in penalties awarded in Formula One. The most recent which was given to Hulkenberg, in my opinion was ridiculous. They said he gained a place by leaving the track. In reality, he was defending a position and the driver attempting to pass made contact and Hulkenberg left the road. Did Hulkenberg do anything wrong? NO! Did Perez do anything wrong? Maybe he went in a little deep on the brakes, but he still didn’t deserve a penalty. The fact the Hulkenberg got the penalty had me making similar noises to Hulkenberg when he heard the news. Years ago, we had no way near the amount of penalties in F1. With the new tracks being two white lines in the middle of a vast area of tarmac, they had to do something to stop drivers driving off the road to gain an advantage. In my opinion all they needed to do was make sure leaving the circuit boundary was a penalty. Even if they stick a strip of grass a few meters and then have tarmac afterward to stop the car if they are heading towards the wall. This was the original reason they tarmaced the gravel traps, to stop the cars digging in and flipping when they left the track at high speed. Not so they could carry on with barely any time lost.   Remember that awesome move by Grojean on Massa at Hungary? For which he got a penalty because he just left the circuit. If there had been grass there, there would have been a natural penalty and if he managed to complete the move, good on him! Obviously this would stop the "Leaving the circuit and gaining an advantage" penalty, but not some of the more frequent ones like "Forcing another car off the track" Which is when they don’t leave a cars width on the outside for another car.   Penalties have become part of the sport, which in my opinion is wrong. The drivers know this now and they are nearly driving to force the other driver to give away a penalty. It's getting more and more like football. I just think it's getting stupid, if somebody blatantly takes out another competitor they have always been given a penalty. And some of these recent incidents have been so close that the could have been avoided if the drivers just backed out when they knew the corner was lost (button, Grojean at Budapest and the Perez, Grojean incident at the end of the straight at Spa.) Those drivers, Button and Grojean had clearly lost the corner so if they had just backed out a little it would have been avoided. I’m not saying the other driver should come across as they are already braking hard and if they brake any harder may lock up. But they all just need to give each other a few more inches. My concern, and the reason for the topic is that F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport which thousands of drivers look up to, and there is no way that these rules and penalties can effectively filter down through the classes and ultimately into karting. The cadets and so forth will see what’s happening in F1 and start adopting certain positions on track etc and expect a penalty to be awarded to the opponent, and its not going to happen. I may be wrong and maybe people will just understand that karting is different and you will not get the same "fair" treatment. But at the end of the day, F1 set the standard for driving, so why should it change depending on how much money it costs to race? Thoughts?
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