• Longacre Pressure Gauge

    Kart Review Score: 7.5

    Olly Waind
    Brand: Long Acre
    Price: £16.50 Inc VAT
    Retailer: Spellfame

    First Impressions
    This is a fairly basic low-mid priced gauge from the well known brand "Longacre", which is available with a pressure range from either 0-30 psi or 0-60psi. I have chosen the 0-30 option as it has larger increments for adjustment (0.5 psi rather than 1) than the 0-60 option and I will never use more than 30 psi in a kart tyre anyway. This gauge is also available with a glow in the dark background.


    The gauge has a simple 2 inch dial with a chunky rubber surround to protect it from bumps and bangs and seems to be of quality construction. It also has a pressure release button for making precise adjustments. It has a 14 inch flexible hose with a press fit adapter on the end.

    General Use/Observations

    The gauge is lightweight and looks and feels like a quality item.
    The dial on this gauge is only 2 inches in diameter. However because it is the 0-30psi version it is easily big enough and has large increments for fine adjustment. It also has a pressure release button which makes it very easy to make precise adjustments.


    Like some others on the market this gauge does not have a locking mechanism on the air fitting however this does not cause an issue as we have pointed out in the past.


    We have not back to back tested this with any other gauges so cannot comment on its accuracy. However I believe with pressure gauges as long as you always use the same one you won't have any problems providing the gauge is consistent and from using this one all year I have found it to be excellent.


    Overall I have been happy with this gauge. It looks good, its well made, easy to use and relatively cheap. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone in karting whatever their budget as it really is all you need. The only thing it lacks in my opinion is a storage box to give it some kind of protection when its not being used. However due to its size it can just be stored in the top of your tool box.


    • Relatively low price
    • Compact and Lightweight


    • No storage box.


    Value: 8
    Quality: 8
    Performance: 8
    Ease of Use: 6

    Kart Review Score: 7.5

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