• Alto Brake Bleeding Tool

    Kart Review Score: 8.75

    Olly Waind
    Brand: Alto
    Price: £36 Inc Vat
    Retailer: Spellfame

    First Impressions

    We have come to expect good things from Alto and this brake bleeding tool is no exception. It's a really nice looking, quality machined tool. It is etched with the usual Alto logo and its shiny, which always appeals to karting folk!!


    General Use/Observations

    The tool consists of an anodised aluminium body, etched with the Alto logo with a small tap on the bottom for turning on and off the fluid flow. On top of this, there is a plastic fluid reservoir and 4 threaded adaptors to fit most, if not all master cylinder thread types.

    4 types of thread included

    There are three knurls on the body of the tool which come in handy to grip the tool whilst fixing the tool to your master cylinder. This is especially handy on a tool such as this, as brake fluid has a habit of coating everything making them super slippery!

    Three well machined knurls

    The tool is really easy to use and lets no air into the system giving a solid pedal in minutes.

    It is a little pricey considering that in essence it's just a screw on reservoir. However in my humble opinion it's worth it for a quality tool like this one, which I am sure will be the only one you will ever need to buy.


    This tool is a must in every karting tool box. There are cheaper options out there if your wallet can't stretch to the £35 price tag but as this is a quality tool it should outlast your karting career.


    • Good quality.
    • Ease of use.
    • Will fit most if not all karts.


    • Price tag.


    Value: 8
    Quality: 9
    Performance: 9
    Ease of Use: 9

    Kart Review Score: 8.75

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