• Sparco Blizzard KG-3 Kart Glove

    Kart Review Score: 7.6

    Olly Waind
    Brand: Sparco
    Price: £30.00 Inc VAT
    Retailer: Demon Tweeks

    The Blizzard KG-3 is the new entry level karting glove from Sparco. At £30 including VAT, they are well priced and will suit someone who doesn't want to spend an absolute fortune on their kit.

    First Impressions

    The KG-3 is a very lightweight, thin glove which fits nicely and offers good comfort and the protection you need at a very reasonable price.


    When I first put these on they felt extremely comfortable. They are a very basic design, have little to no padding apart from suede palm pads for improved grip on the wheel but not too much as to reduce feel.


    The main body of the gloves is made of a single material, which is nice and elastic and gives a little leeway if you end up with a slightly small size. It isn't as nice as the material you would expect of a top end glove but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.


    There is no securing strap on these gloves however they do have an elasticated cuff so don't worry they will stay on nice and snug.


    Overall they seem very well made as you would expect from the likes of Sparco and after a full weekend of racing including a 1 hour stint in an endurance race I have no issues with these gloves.


    A good quality glove offering good comfort and feel whilst being kind on the credit card balance. Perfect for the budget karter or just someone who prefers not to spend a fortune on a pair of gloves!


    • Price
    • Well made
    • Comfortable


    • Less premium materials


    Value: 9
    Quality: 7
    Performance: 8
    Appeal: 6
    Effectiveness: 8

    Kart Review Score: 7.6

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