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  1. What do you think of the new Civic Tourer the Honda Yuasa Racing Team are running in the BTCC next year?




    I think it looks pretty cool. Its going to be the only estate in the championship and the first for a few years since the Volvo 850's in the mid nineties. Brave choice by the team some might say but its still got the same wheelbase and suspension layout so I would imagine it wont be too hard for them to find the pace pretty quickly with it. 

  2. Hmmm not a good start is it. They need to clarify his fast so as not to put off potential racers who have already or are intending on moving over from other classes.


    I think once the engine starts to get some grids up and we some of these motors appearing on the second hand market it should pick up pretty fast at club level. One of the problems I can see from the start is people who can't afford to buy the package from new will end up having to stick with what they have. However I'm sure that's always been the case with new classes.

  3. I dont think it can filter down to karting. At least not at club level purely because the marshalls can't see everything. Perhaps in super one were they can watch The footage afterwards and give out penalties its possible.


    I agree there is too much of it in f1 at the moment and yes they should do somethjng about this leaving the track and not losing anything problem we have at the moment.


    A guy was disqualified from the international x30 final and lost the title because he got out of the kart after the Finnish line to celebrate his victory. Theres a video of it knicki g about someplace. Its not quite the same type of penalty and I understand the reason behind the dq but in the circumstances they were extremely harsh in that case.

  4. Check out this Superkart from japan. I believe its a tonykart chassis with a custom fairing sat on top. And doesn't it look fantastic!!




    I tried to find more photos of this kart but couldn't so if anyone has any or knows were there is more info on it please share.



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