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Formula Kart Stars - Opinons

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I have not really paid much attention to this series as this is the ultimate "Arrive & Drive" series for young drivers (Up to the age of 17).

The series is marketed as "The Road To F1". So there is no mistake which kind of clientele it is aimed at.

Entry Fees: 

 FKS Cadet and FKS Super Cadet

  • Option 1: £25,000+VAT (retaining the kart & spares package)
  • Option 2: £19,995+VAT (not retaining the kart & spares package)

FKS Junior and Super FKS

  • Option 1: £35,000+VAT (retaining the kart & spares package)
  • Option 2: £29,995+VAT (not retaining the kart & spares package)

*prices quoted include a discount for a one off single payment

So, including VAT for the Super FKS class, you are looking at £36,000 (without retaining kart and spares package) & £42,000 if you wish to keep the kart and equipment.

Here is what you receive:

  • A dedicated, bespoke FKS Chassis complete with ancillaries for use throughout the season
  • A computer ballotted engine at each round
  • All their tyres
  • All their fuel
  • All event entry fees
  • A dedidcated 6m x 4m awning
  • Kart stored and transported between races. 

Your race chassis:

Each rolling chassis will also be provided with:

2 additional types of axles, 2 additional carburettors, kart trolley, FKS embossed steering wheel, engine wiring loom & exhaust, all engine ancillaries as stipulated by FKS, radiator & associated components, FKS kart cover, set of wet wheels, FKS Kart seat, Front & Rear torsion bars, FKS Data logger & transponder.

Your track time:

The Championship season consists of one pre-season test day followed by twelve rounds taking place over 6 weekends. Each race weekend will be preceded by and Official test.

Each competitor will receive a minimum of 80 minutes* of track time per race day and Official test day.

I am going to try and compare this to the costs of racing in Super 1. Rotax used as an example.

Kart cover130
Wet rims1200
Realistic additional items  
Spare engine13000

These are the bare bones of the costs. Each series will cost more than this but this gives us a comparison of the actual cost of competing. Both series will incur more expenses. (But they should be pretty equal between the two)

With both series you will have to take account of:

  • Travel
  • Accomodation
  • Spares
  • Breakages

It's hard to make a true comparison as both series will have additional expenditure but I can't help but think you could do a year of S1 for no more than £20,000 where as FKS will cost you £42,000 (THIS IS JUST THE ITEMS LISTED!)

If you are competing at this level as a youngster, chances are you will be running with a team. You will need to pay Team/Mechanic fees regardless of which series you are running in, hence the reason I have not included these prices in the comparison. I dare say you will be paying £6,000-£10,000 per season to a top team.

One big advantage is the pooled engines, in rotax you will pay silly money for a quick engine. I would factor this into the budget but it's hard to put a value on this without hearing from somebody mid pack of S1 telling me how much they spend on the engine. Engine re-builds will also increase costs in Rotax too.

It's also worth noting that I only used Rotax as an example. I dont really know the costs involved with engines in classes such as IAME cadet, Honda Cadet etc.

Is this series worth the extra outlay for the TV coverage, prize fund etc? Or is this series just a quick easy way of trying to push your kids up through the ranks if your wallet is big enough?

Also, is this series, with its extra exposure and media coverage actually damaging the sport with its "Road to F1" message, and it's age limit of 17? The SkySports coverage is on right before qualifying so no doubt gets a huge audience in comparison to more traditional series such as S1.



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