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2016 CIK "OK" Engines

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The new "OK" engines which will be ran in 2016 will replace the current "KF" engine.

Apart from choosing possibly the worst two letter combination for the name, we are eager to see what the future holds for these engines.

They are direct drive (no clutch) so are fitted with a decompression valve to aid starting. The driver presses the valve to enable another person to push the kart, once some momentum is acheived, the valve is closed and the engine starts. Its very similar to how you would start a KZ kart with a hand clutch.

This also means they do not require a battery, loom or starter motor so reduces weight.

The weight limit has also been reduced to 145kg which we think is a very welcome change.

They still have a manual power valve but apart from that, they are much close to the direct drive classes of old.

Additionally, manufacturers have committed to supplying the engines for, and I quote the CIK, "Around 2000 euros" What this will mean in the real world here in the UK is not yet clear. This price includes "all ancillaries", we assume this means the ignition, carb and exhaust.

Here is a video of Rick Dreezen showcasing the IAME OK engine at PF International.

With the new weight limit and relative simplicity of the engines, we are eager to see what this class brings. On paper, they appear to have made the right decisions but only time will tell.

If IAME, Vortex or TM are reading, we would love to have a go to give our thoughts! (wishful thinking)

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Senior OK Engines

Vortex DDS



TM S-Senior



IAME Reedster 4



LKE LK1 (LK-J Shown)



TE T101



Rexon HHC Ballerina


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Guest sdm

I had the chance to test a vertex dds and it's a great engine with outrageous rpm and power but the costs of keeping it running and race worthy are much higher then we expected from the concept.

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