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KartSim - KartKraft

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KartSim, which is a karting simulator game has been in development for 6 years!

There have been many times over the last 3-4 years that we thought this project might have been dead in the water. However, they have recently announced the biggest news so far with a total re-branding of the game and development company (formerly Zach Griffin) Black Delta.

Official announcement from Black Delta

After closing our first round of funding in January of this year, the Black Delta gaming team has grown to 9 full time developers and focused itself on the development of its game, previously known as KartSim. It’s been a massive year for the entire team and it’s now time to reveal what’s been happening behind the scenes as we approach release.

By far the biggest news for the game, is its new name, KartKraft; a name which we feel better represents the on and off track gameplay, alongside the level of race craft required to win in such a cut throat sport.

KartKraft lets players race karts capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds, with triple the cornering forces of a road car.

Featuring laser-scanned circuits from around the world, players can customize their avatar, kart and team with products from FREEM, Alpinestars, CRG, IAME, MIR, Sparco, Arai, Arrow, Monaco and many more.

The industry and most importantly you as our fans, have been patiently waiting for the release of KartKraft. Over the coming months we’ll be releasing our Development Diaries to take you behind the scenes at Black Delta, as we get closer to the game's scheduled Q4 2015 release on Steam’s Early Access.


Debuting the title at Gamescom this year, KartKraft will be on full display at the world’s largest computer and video game event in Cologne, Germany between the 5th-9th August, 2015. Fans and media will be able to race on a 6-DOF hexapod motion simulator with the

Oculus Rift, similar to those used by Formula One teams. Airfreighted from Australia specifically for the Gamescom event, the simulator lets players feel every bump and vibration as the tyres grip, slide and bounce over the laser-scanned circuit.

They have also announced backing from several top names in karting including FREEM, Alpinestars, CRG, IAME, MIR, Sparco, Arai, and Arrow.


There is once again, not much in the way of in-game footage so here is a very early Alpha testing video which should give you an idea.

We are just praying this game lives up to the expectation.


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Some really nice lighting going on.

At least we know the game will LOOK good. Let's just hope the physics are as good as the visuals!


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Kart Review UK have been in contact will Black Delta Studios over the last few months and we are pleased to announce that we will be publishing our review as soon as we get the thumbs up from Black Delta Studios.

We are participating in the Closed Beta testing stage this coming week but we are unable to release any images/videos of the game just yet.

The big news is, the game is due for Steam Early Access release on 4th June 2016!

This is later than the predicted "Q1 2016", but it is the first time a specific date has been announced.


Very nice details on the KZ :D

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This fell flat on it's face...

It's two years later and the review we wrote is, to put it simply, useless.

Black Delta (developer) has been silent for over a year... Until recently!

The game has been released on steam for Early Access users at a discounted price.

We will likely write another review but its hardly the exclusive review we promised years ago!

We hope to start this in Jan/Feb.


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Still quite a few bugs (such as the wacky chain) but they have been fixed recently.

This video is meant to demonstrate the AI capabilities. I can't say I'm amazed by them but it's hard to tell until we get our hands on it.

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