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Super One Championships - KZ1

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Last month was the first time I have actively been involved in a Super One meeting. I was Paul Sleight's mechanic and he was running in KZ1.

The Friday was rather busy with things like stickers having to be applied to the kart in a particular way, as well as race suits having to be handed in to have the sponsors badges sewn on. All very nice for the cameras.

Saturday was much better though and I can honestly say I have not been so relaxed at a race meeting. The Parc Ferme is not a huge deal and actually helps when the weather is changeable. It means you can get down next to the circuit, see what it is doing and then decide which way to go with setup.

The fact the meeting is heavily timetabled also helped. There was no rushing around to see who was out on track and gambling on whether you had enough time to make some changes.

The officials were surprisingly accommodating. I had imagined they could be hard work but they were very understanding and helped out when they could. I didn't feel I was inconveniencing them if I had a question about the format of the event which you can sometimes feel with officials at certain circuits. Especially when you are new to something

One thing which was a little frustrating, was the feeling that the event is all about the younger drivers and the "Teams". I understand that this is probably the image that they would like promoting as some of the team setups etc are impressive to say the least.

I think this is a reflection on karting in the UK in general, which very rarely sees senior karting promoted.

The KZ1 class is the MSA's "British Karting Championship" which means it's THE class. But, as the grid is made up of some older guys in much smaller teams or as privateers, does not enjoy the spotlight as much as some of the Rotax classes.

You only have to look at the "Drivers Parade" in which all the privateers are sent to one end because they don't match!


Privateers end of the parade


Opposite End

In my opinion, these are the guys who should be given the exposure, showing that you don't need a tonne of money to fill a teams pockets. Currently, people look at an image of the drivers parade and think "Look at all that money, I could never compete with that".

Overall though I really enjoyed the event. If you are contemplating competing in Super 1 and can afford the extra outlay, I would definitely recommend it!


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