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Anyone else losing interest in F1?

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I'm sure it's not just me that's totally losing interest in F1 recently.

What do you think the main reasons are? Here are a few I think could be contributing.

  • Mercedes Dominance
  • Engine regs
  • Circuits/Circuit safety (Large run-offs, no real punishment for pushing too far)
  • Media Coverage (Trying too hard/too in-depth?)

These are just a few that come to mind. I'm sure there are many more.

One of the main issues for me is the lack of punishment to drivers for going beyond the limits of the car.

All of the drivers go out in practice and keep going quicker until they start running wide at each turn. They then know exactly how hard they can push with the current car configuration/setup. My issue is that this can really take the control away from the driver and put much more emphasis on the car. I realise the driver still has a large part to play but I cannot help but feel that all the drivers on the grid are already maximizing the car underneath them. It's then down to the team to tweak aero, setup etc to find a few more tenths.

If we still had a gravel trap at the edge of every kerb, the drivers would have to take much longer to find the limit of the car and hopefully this would still be happening by the time they race, thus rewarding drivers who can find the limit quicker, but also punishing drivers who push that little too hard.

No drivers want to be stuck in the garage while their mechanics replace the floor on their car!

I understand there is always an element of the driver knowing how hard to push as the circuit is always evolving and the car reacting differently the changing conditions. But again, if they are not punished when they get it wrong, they lose a few tenths, or half a second. If they ripped the front wing or the floor off when they get it wrong I think we would see many more driver effected races etc.

Your opinions?


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