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Throughout the site, we have 4 main groups of members. Currently this consists of

Administrators - These members look after the behind the scenes settings and any issues you may have with the forums or reviews. They may also help with moderating the forums.

Moderators -  This group will view topics and if there are any spam topics created by automated spam bots, the moderators will remove them. They will also take any required action if a debate gets a little heated or out of hand. We are talking, threats or abusive or offensive language etc.

Trader/Representative - These will generally be owners, representatives or people affiliated with a company or organisation. They have no more privileges than normal members. This group is also used for Traders.

And the most important, - MEMBERS, Everyone is a member, and these are the people that make the site work. Without them, the site would be nothing!

If you would like to be promoted to one of the groups above from a normal member, you can contact any of the administrators through PM (Personal Message)

However, members will only be considered if they have shown to be trustworthy and conduct themselves in the correct manner before they will earn moderating privileges.

If you are a representative of a company, PM one of the admins and we will be happy to move you to the correct group. (We may ask a couple of questions just to make sure you are who you say you are :) )


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