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Championship Points - F1, karting, other?

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Yesterday I found the time to watch some of the F1 Practice at Sochi. I generally filter out what the commentators are saying as it's usually Ted Kravitz waffling on about something. This session was no different and when Ted asked David Croft a question he replied with "Sorry, what was that Ted". David Croft is clearly using the same filter as me and just blanks out the white noise which is the voice of Ted Kravitz.

Anyway, they got into a conversation about points in Formula One. Currently, points are awarded as shown below:

1st - 25
2nd - 18

3rd - 15
4th - 12
5th - 10
6th - 8
7th - 6
8th - 4
9th - 2
10th - 1

There are no points for qualifying and no points for fastest lap etc etc.


Traditionally, World Championship Points have been used as part of the "Prize Money" at the end of the year. This is an EXTREMELY complicated area and something which I don't really want to go into great detail about. I have, however, included a few points below to demonstrate this:

  • Ferrari get a large cut of prize money regardless of performance or finishing position.
  • Teams outside the top 10 do not receive ANY prize money.
  • Teams are categorised into "Columns" which means a team that finishes 9th, may get less than a team who finishes  10th.

Bizarrely, depending on how many championship points were won in the previous season, dictates how much each driver has to pay for their FIA Super License. A new driver would pay around 10,000 euros, whereas a very successful driver could pay around 100,000 euros!

Let's forget about money for the time being and concentrate on the actual awarding of points in a race which determines the championship order.

In karting, for example, we generally award points for every position. Each championship can vary the way they do this slightly but the principle is the same.

If we look at BTCC, they award points down to 15th.

F4 and other open wheel championships appear to award points down to 10th, as per F1.

I'm hoping somebody can enlighten me into this logic. For me, awarding points to everyone would encourage hard racing right the way through the grid. It would also encourage drivers to carry on racing if their car has taken some damage which is effecting the performance.






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