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LapChrono: The chronometer for karting now for your android phone!

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LapChrono replaces a traditional hand held chronometer by allowing you to click and record lap and sector times for up to four drivers in your smart phone. In tablets with a screen of over 7 inches LapChrono allows you to measure lap and sector times for up to six drivers. LapChrono also displays the best lap - and sector times for each driver for you. The amount of sectors can be also set from zero to four sectors and you can set the numbers for drivers you are following so it is easy to remember them. You can also save the lap and sector times in a file for later analysis.

Download LapChrono to your phone by clicking the Google Play icon on your smartphone or typing play.google.com to your web browser and entering "lapchrono" in the Google Play search window.

The use of the full version of LapChrono is free during until 2.5.2017 after which you can purchase a 12 months subscription for the full version for 3.09 £. Without the subscription LapChrono will work after 2.5.2017 as the free version that will measure lap and sector times for one driver.

The free version supports lap time measurement for one driver. The full version is available for a 7 days free test period after which you need to subscribe in Google Play to the 12 months subscription of the full version to continue using it. Without a subscription you can continue to use the free version of LapChrono. The subscription is tied with your Google account and you can use the app in all devices in which you use the same Google account.

You can find more info also on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lapchrono

Welcome to use LapChrono!

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