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ABKC Newsletter - October 2016

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ABKC - October 2016.pdf

The latest Newsletter from the ABKC.

I am pleased to see that the ABKC and the MSA opposed the decision of the World Motorsport Council to reduce the ages of Junior and Senior classes. Unfortunately the change went ahead regardless.

I'm slightly confused to why the gearbox representative opposed changing KZ1 into KZ2, given that the class which is actually ran is identical to KZ2. The MSA requested this change. To me, naming a class to what it truly is, can only simplify things for the good. We have enough confusion in karting to the perspective newcomer as it is.

The decision by the MSA to introduce a system for tyre control to clubs earlier in the year to me is just an expense which we do not need. If it works I may eat my words but it seems like a significant investment/gamble to solve something which is not a big issue. I think there are areas which would have better used the cash injection. This is clearly the MSA addressing the issue of drivers leaving to race Non-MSA/IKR but I'm not sure it will work.

I have seen some complain about having to buy a new upper bar if their current one does not meet the new regulations laid out by the CIK. The system as far as I can see, has been a success. This is a tweak to ensure all bodywork is performing the same. It's not a huge expense, so I'm not sure the objection is warranted.

Following on from this, there s mention of clamps being "over tightened". The MSA are looking to create a gauge which will measure the area/gap between the bars to check for clamps which are over tightened.


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To follow up on th KZ class name discussion, I have been told that next year it will run like this.

Super 1 - KZ1 UK - 175KG

Super 4 - KZ2 UK - 180KG

The classes will use the same tyres and the only difference will be the weight limit. Likely to be the Dunlop DFH.

The AbKC Super 4 Championship will also be classed as an "MSA National Championship" as of 2017.

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