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West of Scotland Kart Club - Track Extension

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At the end of last year, WSKC revealed plans for a circuit/track extension.

Since then, there has been a few alterations to the actual planned layout but essentially it's still the same. Let's have a look at the plans below:

Existing Track.png

Extended Area.png

Approved Track Extension.png

Amended Track Design.png


The initial "Approved Track Extension" looked really nice, although we have to admit, it may not have created any kind of overtaking opportunities with such a fast complex and then a kink into a long right hander. You would need to be alongside or past down the short straight to stand any chance of completing an overtake by the time you reached the kink.

The tweaked design adds two much slower corners in place of the fast left right. On the plan they look very similar to the existing tight right at the end of the start/finish "straight".


Only time will tell how these corners will work but we think they may create some "lunging" opportunities. The short straight in the middle of the two corners is only slightly longer than the gap between the double apex tight right handers we mentioned earlier.

At the end of the straight (which looks as if it will actually be shorter than the current straight) you have a left kink into an extremely long right hander, if your kart isn't set up right, you are going to lose some time here.

Your rear left tyre will be begging for this corner to be over!


The left hander immediately after this "loop" could see overtaking opportunities with karts staying on the throttle longer after the loop and aiming deep into the left.

We think the next combination of kinks and bends will prove a great place for overtaking. After the tightish left hander there is a right kink which will probably be flat out, followed by what will be a left followed by an even tighter left.


Braking will be tricky here as you will be trying to settle the kart for the tight left. We can see many drivers turning in slightly later for the first left to get the kart straightened up ready to make a move deep on the inside of the tight left hander.

These two corners remind us of the double left at Hooten Park or a more exotic example would be T9-T10 at Bahrain..



The example we have used above is assuming the club run the "Summer Track"

The "Summer Gearbox" Track looks ok, but could do without the two slow left and right handers at the start. We have came up with our own preffered "Gearbox Track" but obviously realise there may be safety factors etc to consider.


The obvious disadvantage of this is that you are shortening the straight for the gearbox karts. If the left right could be made subtle enough to be flat out, they would be real big balls corners (we imagine). The original track design would have worked very nicely for KZ and 250s but it's not the end of the world.

So what are your overall thoughts on the planned track extension? It's very difficult to gauge how the track will flow until you actually get karts out on track, but we can try!

Hopefully WSKC will comment on this post and give us all an update on how things are progressing :)

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