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KZ1 & KZ2 in the UK

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I originally posted this in the Super 1 poll, but we need to separate discussions about KZ in general, and the current S1 rules.


In my opinion, there are currently not enough drivers to support two national grids.

It has to be either Super 4 OR Super 1. With only a handful of clubs providing drivers stepping up to either class, there just aren't enough drivers to support good grids at both.

The last few years, Super 1 attracted drivers who had never even ran KZ before, purely because it was the British Championship. The grids ranged from around 10-15, steadily decreasing towards the end of the year at around 10.

Unless, Super 1 can alter the rules so much that they attract NEW drivers, from other classes (OK, Rotax, X30 etc) then one championship will succeed, and the other will struggle.

It would be a shame to see Super 4 struggle to form a grid if Super 1 enticed current Super 4 drivers away, but we have to look at what will make the biggest, most cost efficient grid for the class.

On the flip side, the KZ1 class could cease at Super 1 and flourish at Super 4. The downside of this is the lack of structure/promotion/TV coverage. Ultimately reducing the attractiveness of the class.

If Super 4 could undergo some real changes in organisation, by either running with LGM or another series (not a club weekend) or by boosting the promotion side then it could become a great competitive championship for all budgets.

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This post goes out to all of the guys currently running at club level KZ. I know Forest Edge and Fulbeck have a healthy grid of KZ.

What would you like to see change? If anything?

Would you consider running in Super 1 or would Super 4 with a bit more publicity and organisation tick the boxes?

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The fundamentals of this is cost, a lot of people Average Joes if you like race to a budget. 

I use the example of Fulbeck Sprint Series IKR championship it costs £50 entry fee per weekend for a min 5-6 8min Saturday practice sessions and 3 heats and 1 final format on a Sunday , no leicence fee or other hidden costs and a grid of 12-22 peak last year were is the incentive to move up to a more costly series, i am no Lewis Hamilton and race for fun, if cost were to rise by moving up to do a full S1/S4 campaign then that element would take the fun away and i would lose interest quickly for that reason.

right now I limit my budget to 1 set of tyres every other meeting and a new piston every 3 hours brake pads as required etc.

racing on a budget with a big grid, just over an hour from home is a no brainer and at my current KZ experience levels i am not looking to move up, however in future should my budget allow it i will do some one off S4 events.

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I wasn't really clear in my first post, but we want to know whats best for KZ at club level too. There is no point in pushing people into S4 when we don't have enough numbers to support more than a handful of clubs at club level. If you boost the club grids, hopefully the other series/championships will benefit.

I definitely agree with the class (especially IKR) being the best bang for buck.

Right now I can just about afford to run at S4, but in the coming years this will likely reduce. Being able to turn up at a track and race for £50 over two days, is spot on and is likely were I may end up sticking with.

Because Fulbeck is using the Dunlop it has a couple of benefits over being an open tyre.

  1. Realistically, you can get two meetings (at least two days) out of a set of DFH and still set plenty quick enough times. Once you have two sets to use, one in practice and the other on race day, it means you really can buy one set of slicks per two meetings.
  2. Because S4 use the Dunlop DFH, it means you (IKR competitors) can get one day old rubber for around £30-40 and still have a meeting left in them. If you take this route, it works out around £80 per two meetings, half the price of buying new! (This is a good option if you are really stretching the budget)

So personally, I would say the tyres being used at Fulbeck is right on the money. What is the tyre used at Forest Edge? I'm assuming Dunlop as it's an MSA club. If Forest were to run an IKR weekend would the KZ grids grow like it did at fulbeck? (It's a cracking circuit after all).

What could we do to boost grids further at club level? There seems to be a finite number of drivers in KZ. Just look at the strubby/Fulbeck IKR example. I have not been to Strubby in a few years so I'm not sure if they have a KZ grid.

Anyone race at all three maybe??

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