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MSA Senior British Karting Championship (KZ1) - Vote Here

KZ1 Super 1 preferences  

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  1. 1. Meeting length?

    • 2 Days
    • 3 Days
  2. 2. Fuel?

    • Control Fuel (Panta)
    • Pump Fuel (Nominated Garage)
    • Pump Fuel (Any)
    • Any Fuel (Race Fuels Allowed)
  3. 3. Slick Tyre? (You can select more than one)

    • Bridgestone YMM
    • Bridgestone YLM
    • Vega XM (White)
    • MG FZ (Yellow)
    • Dunlop DFH
  4. 4. Wet Tyre? (You can select more than one)

  5. 5. Carry Forward Wets?

  6. 6. Control Tyres?

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This Poll is not intended to confuse things further, it is intended to structure the feedback in a way that Facebook is not designed.

Click register at the bottom and then "Sign in with Facebook" This will not post anything to facebook, it just saves you entering any information. (We tried to allow guests to vote but It can't be done with the software.)

There are lots of polls & discussions happening right now on what is best for the KZ1 class at S1 level, bearing in mind this is the MSA British Senior Karting Championship.

We have broken it down to individual questions in a bid to make it clearer what drivers want.

Please remember that although we all want the costs to come down, this is the pinnacle of the sport and not a budget class.



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