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  2. Another option if you are racing at a level slightly above arrive and drive is the Tillett insert (It's a bit pricey!)
  3. Most rib protectors provide protection for the back. So if you are racing your own kart etc these will usually provide adequate protection. It's worth noting, that most drivers usually get some bruising around the hips or lower back after a full weekends racing. This is unavoidable unless you spend lots of time tweaking/padding this for the individual driver. Is this arrive and drive karting where the seat is considerably too big for him? Calibre do some great seat inserts if that is the case. I can't actually find the link the the calibre brand but this is essentially the same thing: Hope this helps a little. @Robd
  4. Hello, My 12yo son is new to karting and is small for his age, so sits low down in the seat which is too big for him. Each times he races he gets light abrasions from the movement / vibration on his back - top, bottom and sides and am checking if there is any protection available for the back, as only seems to be for the front (ribs). He also needs thicker gloves other than those provided by the club, again for the vibration. Any feedback much appreciated. Thanks, Robert
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